Courses: Summer 2018

 Arher Rakham illustration, Undine Lost in the Danube

Writing Hybrid Forms

In this course, we'll explore writing in hybrid forms that combine the conventions of poetry, fiction, and/or creative nonfiction. We'll look at speculative memoirs, lyric essays, story poems, and other work that breaks the rules of genre and form. We'll read excerpts from Ariel Gore's speculative memoir, We Were Witches, and examine how this work combines fiction and nonfiction, introducing the fantastical into the arena of realism. We'll also look at the way Maggie Nelson wraps poetry into a memoir that also borrows conventions from academic essays in The Argonauts. As we read work by cross genre writers like Michael Ondaatje, Anne Carson, Salmon Rushdie, Toni Morrison, and Virginia Woolf, we'll also generate our own new hybrid material. During the final weeks of the course, you'll have the chance to develop and polish your own hybrid piece and submit it for instructor feedback. 

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